Dome Breakfast Sandwiches

Roving-Image_Breakfast Sandwiches

Perhaps it’s our culture’s love of convenience — a whole meal contained in one package! — or maybe it’s simply that these handheld meals are so darn delicious, hence we are currently enjoying a breakfast sandwich renaissance.

Whether you prefer to use a knife and fork or just grab ’em and go, any of these Dome Breakfast Sandwiches will make getting out of bed almost a pleasure.

eggs benedict with salmon

Eggs Benedict

A dish consisting of toast or toasted halves of English muffin covered with a thin slice of fried or broiled ham, poached eggs, and a topping of hollandaise sauce.

Price: Php 290


ham, bacon and egg stack


Ham, Bacon & Egg Stack

Full heavy Dome breakfast sandwiches with ham, bacon and egg; perfect for a long day ahead.

Price: Php 290


Croque Madame

Toasted bread with pine honey ham & melted cheese; served with side salad. A meal especially designed for health aficionados!

Price: Php 290

Try any of these Dome Breakfast Sandwiches now!


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