Dome Breakfast Sets

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Rise and shine! It doesn’t matter whether you’re just waking up or getting ready for bed, there’s no better way to start (or end) your day than with a delicious breakfast.

And with so many all-day breakfast restaurants popping up, it’s never been easier to eat breakfast food at any time of the day or if you’re a breakfast addict, for every meal.

Looking for the best breakfast that Manila has to offer? You need not to look any further. Here’s the list of Manila’s DOME Breakfast Sets.

Enjoy any of our Dome breakfast items with your complimentary choice of drink (Long Black/ Flat White/ Cappuccino, Glass of Fruit Juice or Iced Tea) 

Country Breakfast

A perfect combination of all “Must Haves” in every breakfast table- Hashbrowns, bacon and fried eggs with toasted bread.

Price: Php 360

dome breakfast

DOME Breakfast

Start your day Italienne style! Two pieces of meaty Italian sausages; served with garlic rice & eggs.

Price: Php 360



breakfast sets - nuernberger sausages

Nuernberger Sausages

Made from coarsely ground lean pork and is seasoned with marjoram, salt, pepper, ginger, cardamom, and lemon powder.

Price: Php 360


Chicken Tocino

Here’s a great Pinoy breakfast! A sweetened meat based on chicken served with a cup of rice and fried egg.

Price: Php 360

Vigan Longganisa

Vigan Longganisa

Grilled longganisa bits & garlic chips on top of garlic rice; served with eggs & pickled green papaya on the side.

Price: Php 360

Corned beef Breakfast

Ground beef perfectly cooked Pinoy style and served with a cup of rice and fried egg.

Price: Php 360

breakfast sets - beef tapa

Beef Tapa

Beef tapa for breakfast is my all time favorite Filipino breakfast. Served with garlic rice, eggs and coffee is the ultimate breakfast.

Price: Php 360

French Connection

Price: Php 360


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