Dome Coffees


Dome Coffees delicious smooth blend and various varieties seductively charm you at the start of your day.

Who doesn’t crave a cup of coffee in the morning? Who would want to miss out on this warm drink that gets you going through the day?

It’s a matter of preference whether you are the type who likes to open your eyes to a cup of coffee in the morning or have breakfast and then have coffee. However, nutrition experts recommend that you eat breakfast as early as possible since it plays a vital role in restoring the sugar in the blood after a long night of fasting and provides you with a boost of energy for the day.

Coffee complements your breakfast as it provides the stimulating boost for your mind and body to kick start your day in a good mood.

So, what are you waiting for, add a warm cup of coffee from any of Dome Coffees with your breakfast for a refreshing day.

coffee - iced cappuccino with coffee jelly

Cappuccino with coffee jelly

Prepared with ice cream and whipped cream.

Price: Php 95 (cold) / Php 120 (hot) / Php 240 (with coffee jelly)

coffee - flat white

Cafe Latte

Perfectly pulled espresso shot combined with fresh steamed milk

Price: Php 110 (cold) / Php 135 (hot)

Long Black

Dome’s version of gourmet brewed coffee. If you prefer to take your coffee with milk, we recommend our Flat White.

Price: Php 75 (cold) / Php 100 (hot)

Cafe Mocha with ice cream & cream

Espresso coffee with foamy steamed milk and chocolate syrup, topped with whipped cream and ice cream.

Price: Php 120 (cold) / Php 145 (hot) / Php 200 (with ice cream & cream)

Chocolate with ice cream & cream

Warm steamed milk blended with pump of chocolate syrup, topped with whipped cream and ice cream.

Price: Php 90 (cold) / Php 115 (hot) / Php 160 (with ice cream & cream)


A full-flavored, concentrated form of coffee that is served in “shots.”

Price: Php 70

Double Espresso

2 espresso shots

Price: Php 120

Flat White

Single espresso infusion marbleized with steamed milk.

Price: Php 90

Macchiato Short

Sweet tasty coffee of espresso shot, poured after the freshly steamed milk and topped with thin layer of foam.

Price: Php 90

Macchiato Long

Double espresso with frothed milk.

Price: Php 140

Cafe Vienna

Brewed coffee topped with ice cream.

Price: Php 110


Espresso poured over vanilla ice cream.

Price: Php 110

coffee - dome twister

Dome Twister

Espresso, chocolate & vanilla ice cream topped with whipped cream.

Price: Php 220

coffee - oreo smoothie

Oreo Smoothie

Chilled coffee bleed with Oreo cookies.

Price: Php 140

Extra Shot of Coffee

Price: Php 45

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