Dome Pasta


Oh, pasta, how do we love thee? Especially right now, as the air gets cooler in the evening, all we want is a big bowl of hearty yet delicate carbs, a local taste of spicy longganisa or mixed seafood aioli—or maybe satisfy our cravings without compromising our diet with a low-calorie pasta meal, Shrimp Dome Pasta! We’re blessed to have the best pasta practitioners in Dome Manila who ensure that each of these Dome pasta meals is taken very seriously.

From classic Italian spaghetti to the local taste of longanisa, these soulful pastas will scratch the itch for world-class carbs.

Spicy Longganisa Pasta

The piquant flavour of longganisa bits in spicy aioli sauce & roasted bell pepper tossed in spaghetti pasta.

Price: Php 280

seafood aioli


Seafood Aioli

Mixed seafood sautéed in roasted garlic olive oil with sundried tomatoes on spaghetti.

Price: Php 290



Smoked bacon, parmesan, cheese & mushrooms in cream sauce on linguine.

Price: Php 235

tomato basil pasta with grilled chicken


Tomato Basil w/ Grilled Chicken

Cubed chicken breast is simmered in a peppery tomato-basil sauce and tossed with fine strands of angel hair dome pasta.

Price: Php 230


Shrimp Pasta

A healthy colourful dome pasta topped with superb shrimp & mixed vegetables in spaghetti pasta.

Price: Php 350



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