salad - caesar salad

We know what you are looking for and that’s what we have. Each of our salads just plain tastes good with no one component overwhelming the others. It couldn’t be one-note and the dressing have some piquancy. There is definitely a certain level of originality, even if it has been around for years. The price isn’t outrageous and it’s guaranteed to be fresh and made to order.

You can find salads everywhere, in convenience stores and white tablecloth restaurants. But finding one that’s worth eschewing the rest of the menu for? That was a tricky proposition. And that’s what we offer here in Dome Manila.



Smoked Salmon w/ Peaches & Asparagus

Poached egg, blanched asparagus and fresh smoked salmon with peaches; Breakfast really doesn’t get much better than that – start your day right!

Price: Php 340


salad - caesar salad

Classic Ceasar

Consisting of romaine lettuce and croutons served with a dressing containing olive oil, lemon juice, raw egg, parmesan cheese, and seasonings.

Price: Php 180

Add Ons: 

Grilled Chicken +80

Smoked Salmon +190

Mixed Seafood  +95

salad - crisp noodle & sesame chicken salad


Crisp Noodle & Sesame Chicken

Grilled oriental chicken, mixed greens, bell peppers, peaches & oriental dressing

Price: Php 215

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