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Gourmet Sandwiches

grilled chicken pesto sandwich

Maybe sandwiches aren’t the first things that come to mind when you think of “gourmet food,” but then again, we’re not talking about your average PB&J. We’re talking paninis with smoked salmon, perfectly grilled chicken in basil pesto with mayonnaise spread lettuce, fresh tomatoes and onion rings. Yes, with the right ingredients, a sandwich can be quite gourmet indeed.


salad - caesar salad

We know what you are looking for and that’s what we have. Each of our salads just plain tastes good with no one component overwhelming the others. It couldn’t be one-note and the dressing have some piquancy. There is definitely a certain level of originality, even if it has been around for years. The price isn’t outrageous and it’s guaranteed to be fresh and made to order.

Dome Pasta


Oh, pasta, how do we love thee? Especially right now, as the air gets cooler in the evening, all we want is a big bowl of hearty yet delicate carbs, a local taste of spicy longganisa or mixed seafood aioli—or maybe satisfy our cravings without compromising our diet with a low-calorie pasta meal, Shrimp Dome Pasta! We’re blessed to have the best pasta practitioners in Dome Manila who ensure that each of these Dome pasta meals is taken very seriously.

Dome Starters


Whether you call them appetizers or entrees, starters are incredibly important as they set the tone for the meal to come.

Find among the dome starters that will suit your cravings in this mouthwatering selection. From simple dishes to molecular masterpieces, which are bound to get your meal off to the right start.