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Enjoy our favorite healthy omelet —perfect for a hearty start to the day, weekend brunch, or breakfast-for-dinner dish.

Dome Crepe and Waffles

Dome offers delicious sweets to satisfy your cravings!

Nutella Crepe (with choice of available fruit)

A crêpe topped with Nutella, a smooth creamy paste made with hazelnuts and chocolate.

Price: Php 220

Cakes and Ice Cream- Dome Desserts

dessert - cake - blueberry cheese cake

Healthy eating doesn’t mean you have to skip dessert. Finish your meal on a sweet note with this great selection of dome desserts including cheesecake, chocolate cake, crepe, ice-cream, tiramisu and so much more.

Dome Hot Kitchen Specials

Grilled pork ribs

It isn’t every day that you find a restaurant that can make you weak in the knees. But Dome Manila isn’t just any restaurant. Here, we make special every meal that we offer. From our appetizers, to main entrées, to our desserts, you definitely won’t go wrong. We care as much as you do in keeping your good health, so make sure that you can indulge your cravings and whittle your waistline by savoring these delicious, but healthy meals.